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You may be seeking home care for any number of reasons
Because at Best Care For You, We Provide

An AARP study shows home care is the most affordable option for the elderly in most cases. With people 80 years and older representing the nation’s fastest-growing age group, medical facilities are quickly becoming unable to handle the growing need for quality elderly care.

In a study conducted by the American Association for Retired Persons (AARP), which was aimed at measuring the quality of care for the elderly throughout the United States, experts made a number of key discoveries that could change the standard of care for our aging loved ones.

The key finding was that the future of elderly care should be geared towards in-home options, stating, “Home care generally is more affordable than care in a nursing home, allowing consumers to stretch their dollars further.”

The study concluded that in order to improve the quality of health care for retired Americans, there must be a large-scale shift towards home care. They found that not only is home care the more affordable option but that seniors who are able to maintain their health and independence at home are often healthier and happy than similar individuals in nursing home care.

With the shift towards making home medical care more available to our senior population, having a quality in-home caregiver to help with non-medical related tasks, as opposed to settling for an overcrowded and understaffed nursing home, is becoming the most logical and cost-effective option. In-home caregivers can provide transportation, help with errands and housekeeping, offer companionship, and assist with hygiene and medications needs—allowing seniors to maintain their independence at home without placing an unmanageable burden on friends and family.

Our caregivers are selected to meet the Illinois Department of Public Health requirements. All caregivers undergo state and national criminal, finger-print based background checks. Caregivers must be listed in the Illinois Health Workers database. We also conduct pre-employment personal and professional reference checks and certification checks, as well as medical record checks and drug screening.

Watching someone you love age can be difficult. Your father or your favorite aunt may struggle during their later years to cope with unexpected physical problems. After a while, it may be necessary to get your aging loved one in-home care. If you are trying to decide if your aging loved one needs in-home care, certain signs may make it readily apparent.

Memory Problems: Memory problems are common as people age. Most people have occasional trouble remembering where they put their keys now and then. However, if your uncle has more serious problems such as being unable to consistently remember basic facts such as where he lives, this may be an indication he needs daily help.

Accidents: Accidents are another common problem as people age. One accident once may not pose a problem. But a more serious accident may necessitate help from an in-home caregiver. Accidents can cause all kinds of long-term problems such as damage to joints that may impede mobility. Your loved one may need to have someone who can help prevent another accident.

Inability to Perform Daily Tasks: Older adults often hate to admit they can’t do things anymore such as cooking a full dinner. If you notice that your father is missing medical appointment or your mother seems unable to make her favorite meals, it may be time to get help. Many older folks may need help with preparing meals or driving to medical appointments. They may also need help with other tasks such as keeping their homes clean or caring for a beloved pet.

The right help at the right time can be a godsend, helping someone you love to stay in their own familiar house for as long as possible. For the best caregivers for seniors, contact Best Care For You, Inc. today.

Yes. Best Care For You, Inc. is accredited by different insurance companies that carry long-term care policies which include CNA Long Term Care Insurance, New York Life Insurance, Trans America, John Hancock, Metlife, and more.

We meet with you in your home, with no obligation, to discuss your needs and requirements. Family members are welcome and are encouraged to participate in the process. Decisions about care will always be decided by you, keeping you in control.

IDPH warns against hiring a caregiver privately rather than through an agency. While a private hire may seem to be the more economical path, non-agency-affiliated caregivers are largely untrained and unsupervised putting the client at risk of abuse or exploitation.

Additionally, the client assumes the responsibility of paying the caregiver, managing the employment tax deductions, and securing worker’s comp and liability insurance.

Email, bestcare@bestcaregiversforseniors.com or call us at (708) 452-8800 to request a free in-home assessment.

Home care is a general term for someone who receives assistance in their home rather than living in a care facility. Most states require an agency to be licensed to provide in-home care services. In Illinois, home care agencies are licensed by Illinois Department of Health (IDPH). Home care and home health care differ. A home health care agency holds a license to provide medical assistance in the home while a home care agency assists individuals with non-medical activities of daily living.

Anyone who needs assistance taking care of themselves and/or their home can receive help from a home care provider. A home care agency can assist with:

Personal care activities, such as bathing and toileting, are home care services that an agency may provide. A caregiver helps those who require assistance with hygiene regain a sense of independence. Sometimes, these are referred to as Activities of Daily Living (ADL). ADLs are defined as: eating, bathing, dressing, continence, transferring and toileting.

Companionship and homemaker services, sometimes referred to as Instrumental Activities Of Daily Living (IADL), are services that provide the assistance necessary to live independently but not necessary for fundamental functioning. These include activities such as shopping, preparing meals, paying bills, etc.

Respite Care refers to temporary or short-term care provided to the patient so that the primary informal caregiver, like friends and family, can take a break or rest.

Caregivers are employees of Best Care For You. We pay all necessary employment taxes and insurance, relieving you from liability and any financial relationship between you and your caregiver.

Yes. We collaborate with assisted living facilities and nursing homes to provide care in various settings.

Yes. A confidential written plan of care is developed by the agency supervisor during an orientation visit in your home with the caregiver. The plan of care is agreed upon by you, the caregiver, and the agency supervisor and is reviewed every 60-90 days or as needed. A copy of the plan of care is left in your home and is important in ensuring you are receiving the appropriate care and are satisfied with the caregiver.

You will be asked to sign a service agreement that describes our services, fees, guidelines, and policies. There is no long-term contract and you can terminate with 24-hour notice.

We typically bill weekly but can customize a schedule to best meet your needs. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover credit cards, as well as direct bank draws for payment.

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You may be seeking home care for any number of reasons
Because at Best Care For You, We Provide

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