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Is Home Care Affordable?


Home Care Affordable?

An AARP study shows home care is the most affordable option for the elderly in most cases. With people 80 years and older representing the nation’s fastest-growing age group, medical facilities are quickly becoming unable to handle the growing need for quality elderly care.

In a study conducted by the American Association for Retired Persons (AARP), which was aimed at measuring the quality of care for the elderly throughout the United States, experts made a number of key discoveries that could change the standard of care for our aging loved ones.

The key finding was that the future of elderly care should be geared towards in-home options, stating, “Home care generally is more affordable than care in a nursing home, allowing consumers to stretch their dollars further.”

The study concluded that in order to improve the quality of health care for retired Americans, there must be a large-scale shift towards home care. They found that not only is home care the more affordable option but that seniors who are able to maintain their health and independence at home are often healthier and happy than similar individuals in nursing home care.

With the shift towards making home medical care more available to our senior population, having a quality in-home caregiver to help with non-medical related tasks, as opposed to settling for an overcrowded and understaffed nursing home, is becoming the most logical and cost-effective option. In-home caregivers can provide transportation, help with errands and housekeeping, offer companionship, and assist with hygiene and medications needs—allowing seniors to maintain their independence at home without placing an unmanageable burden on friends and family.

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